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Venice pre wedding photo with Daisy & Luis (Hong Kong)

As we had already created a wonderful series of portraits in Prague with Daisy & Luis  - and  having such a wonderful time - they called us a few days later and asked if our crew could join them in Venice. Luckily for us we had a few free days. What can only be described as one of my favorite, truly beautiful, sunlit, sunrise portrait session. Thinking about that wonderful morning (and later in the afternoon with some wonderful Italian friends) will always bring a smile to my face.

To be honest, having worked in Venice before I am always keen on returning here and trying new ways to capture and interpret this incredible, historic and heartbreakingly beautiful city.  With the assistance of a fabulous, fun and very dependable local hair & makeup artist, the talented Lisa Semenzato, we started our session very early, even before the sun came up. 

Looking back, we had such a good time capturing these two lovers simply enjoying this magical city that it was damn hard selecting these wonderful images -  there were simply too many. The natural, warm golden light, and the beautifully sun-lit portraits are some of my personal favorites and of course who can not like those beautiful Gondola shots as well?   

But what I really enjoy about working with Daisy & Luis;  simply capturing them as they walked around taking it all in. Of course we also created those must have Hong Kong styled portraits, but having the additional more relaxed / natural styled portraits of these two enjoying their time and being natural is what makes this session that much more special.

BTW the other absolutely cool thing about these two, listening to them have a laugh and knowing that they are huge (I mean huge) dog lovers. Yeah, my kind of people. Damn...