Brandy's and Labem Castle Wedding
Prague wedding & pre-wedding photos photographer Kurt Vinion

Brandy's and Labem Castle Wedding

Elena & Ilya ( Israel ) wedding pictures from Castle Brandys nad Labem. This is one of my first weddings I did professionally and the couple are still one of my favorites for many reasons. Not because the portrait of them against the sun is so dramatic and is a favorite amongst many wedding photographers and photo blogs, but because when I look back I always have a smile recalling the moment they exchanged their vows at the Castle Brandys nad Labem and the incredible joy on their faces. The best thing about being a wedding photographer in Prague is not just creating these beautiful mementos of their wedding day but also staying in touch over the years as their families grow, their jobs change and as they experience life together. Funny enough this image has been republished on many photo blogs and wedding websites and every now and then I hear from Elena & Ilya and they are still very proud of these beautiful moments captured on that summer day.

Location: Brandy's nad Labem.