natural styled pre-weddings Prague
Prague wedding & pre-wedding photos photographer Kurt Vinion

natural styled pre-weddings Prague

Prague destination wedding with Mr & Mr's Kim.

When you are traveling over from Korea to marry in a country you have never visited having the right wedding planner in Prague is an absolute must. When these two contacted Pink Weddings Prague they asked for a simple and beautiful wedding. Their wedding venue was the stunning St. Nicholas Church that is at the Old Town Square. With a very simple service it was time to take these two out to explore Prague before their evening dinner. As they are both quite shy, their only request was a location where they would not be the center of attention.

As we started our wedding portrait session it started to rain lightly so after a few portraits at the riverside we decided to visit a local garden that is a favorite of mine. 

Sometimes the most beautiful wedding photos are just letting two people explore their surroundings and to act natural. With these two, the location, their smartly dressed wedding attire landed itself to simple, yet elegant wedding portraits.

Congratulations to Mr & Mr's Kim - our latest couple from Korea who had their destination wedding here in Prague.

Wedding Venue: St. Nicholas Church

Wedding Planners: Pink Weddings Prague

Wedding Photographer: Kurt Vinion

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Location: Prague, Czech Republic.