St. Nicholas Church Prague Old Town Square Wedding
Prague wedding & pre-wedding photos photographer Kurt Vinion

St. Nicholas Church Prague Old Town Square Wedding

I am quite lucky in that I work with several international wedding agencies who are focused on luxury weddings. One such agency based in Italy & Japan always has a few in such locations as France and Greece. As these tend to be VIP weddings and couples it is rare for me to be able share their wedding photos. M&S who traveled from Japan were quite happy to share a few of their images with us.

Their wedding at St. Nicholas Church in Prague’s Old Town Square  was a quiet and intimate affair at this beautiful and historic church. Afterwards it was time to visit and enjoy the usual locations that they chose in advance: the Astronomical Clock, the riverside, Prague Castle, Vrtbovska Garden (Vrtba) and etc. Though they did not speak English (and I sadly do not speak Japanese) we really had a great time creating these new family keepsakes of their wedding day.