Syon House wedding photographer
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Syon House wedding photographer

London wedding at Syon House. Being a destination wedding photographer still excites me: the people, the locations, the simple moments of joy that occurs throughout the day. When everything comes together it is quite magical - and yes, at times those single images really are a 1000 words. Wedding photographers are taught to concentrate on the couple and I agree after all it is their day. But it is also the day of the parents as their child is now fully grown and taking the first step to starting their own families. The parents of Sherry have much to be proud of as their daughter is a truly wonderful human being who chose a fantastic partner. When I asked them to sit down in the grand sitting room with the wonderful painting of past family members on the wall, something quite special happened they looked into each others eye and shared a real moment of joy. It is simple, beautiful wedding photos like this that I myself wish I have had from my parents and especially my grandparents wedding day.

Location: Syon House, London.