Kurt sucks at blogging / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / and sitting at the computer
D+C awesome marriage proposal at St. Vitus, Prague Castle.

Kurt sucks at blogging / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / and sitting at the computer


It felt good writing that little but of truthyism (is that really a word America?). But the reality is  – I really hate blogging or perhaps it is just writing in general?  Life is busy as it is with family, kids, friends, keeping up on current events, concerts, raves in the forests (my fave this summer) and making travel arrangements for shooting (Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Lebanon, Hong Kong and Thailand). Oh, and running a business full-time AND living and working in a flat that is in the middle of a major construction site.

So yes, hate me if you wish Google / Facebook / Instagram / and the WWW, but I really do not have the time to write up things in order to stay ‘relevant’, ‘cool’ or to look ‘busy’ or because of the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to my Google business ranking…

It is not that I do not love my clients,  it is just that I do not have the time to do so for every single photo session that I do.  Something is truly amiss when we must spend our lives in hopes of someone ‘Liking’ or giving us a thumbs up or a smiley face… Thankfully not everyone is cool or keen with having their images all over Facebook and the WWW  for perpetuity. I of all people get that. I really do. Perhaps this is why I do not wish for my children to have their faces all over the place and why you will not find them on Facebook.  Funny enough, most of my Russian and Chinese couples have said the same thing – ‘please do not show our images and post our names on Facebook’. Agreed!

And Facebook – lets be honest here, it was a brilliant idea – originally, but it was completely whored out by Zuck who famously insulted everyone on Facebook (those DumbF’CKS!).  Personally speaking –  I despise Facebook. The only reason why I have it – my clients from Asia are always contacting me through it. Plus some family members think it is super, duper, cool to not make a phone call and to drop little bits of morsels in to my feed (which I have turned off – I think?).  Many of my friends in Prague have thankfully dumped it and the young, cool kids are not on it anyway as they feel it is for old people… Oh, yeah, my fraternity brothers love sending messages and old pictures back and forth through it, so yeah, it does have some minor value… But I detest it and the fact that it logs every single key stroke that is entered whether I hit send or not and how they access everything on your computer? This is insane  people…

So blogging… ok, maybe I will push myself to do 1 blog post a month. But only if I have the time, only if I think it is something that is truly wonderful and only if the couple really want me to do it. Perhaps I will simply ask my couples to write their own blog posts as a way to truly personalize the experience for them and their families?  Either way, the simple truth is: life is too short to waste it on SEO / blogging  / Twittering / Pinterest / INstagramming…

Before I sign off for today, I am going to blog these guys (dont ask when, maybe in November?). The smooth, has it act together and going places guy – his name is Dillon ( a cool name ) and the lovely, sassy, knock out of a lady her name is Celeste. Together they make one sweet couple – their family & friends knew this (even before they met).

They traveled from sunny California –  my former home overlooked the Pacific Ocean – yes, sad but true. I actually saw it every single day ( the beach, the surf striking your feet, the salty smell of the sea, the sea lions and those incredible sunsets (when the fog did not obstruct it) and that awesome California vibe, I can go on, but I cant as it makes me sad…) Sorry,  I digress, Celeste & Dillon arrived from California, took a nap, dressed up and then headed out for a small love story shoot with yours truly (thanks Luis – you sound like a truly awesome father).  Dillon also had another idea in mind and planned accordingly. Moments after making our way around St. Vitus Cathedral and while the lovely Celeste was looking through a viewfinder (more about that later) he dropped to one knee and popped the question.  It was… beautiful… You can still see the glow and happiness on their faces a few moments later as they made their way (hand in hand of course) around to see the other side of St. Vitus…  and the crowd – they also got a few outstanding pictures too of that wonderful moment…

So apologies in advance as I am just going to tease you guys with just that one special image…

Ok, off to Slovakia for an awesome party, ahem, wedding this weekend (another Californian and a real surfer too), then Germany, Prague, then Lake Bled in Slovenia, then Prague, then Lebanon (thanks love) and then a return to Praha sometime later this year. And yes I hope to showcase some of those special sessions, but until then enjoy!


marriage proposal
One super happy babe – btw (by the way) that ring is crazy huge and the lucky man that won her over!


Kurt Vinion

Prague wedding photographer and pre-wedding photographer Kurt Vinion (USA) has been capturing and creating weddings, family portraits & engagement sessions in Prague since 2008. A former photojournalist and winner of many international awards and prizes, Kurt is always happy to create timeless, elegant and artistic images for couples from around the world.

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