the bride and her bridesmaids Cesky Krumlov wedding
Prague wedding photographer & pre-weddings portrait photography by  Kurt Vinion

the bride and her bridesmaids Cesky Krumlov wedding

Cesky Krumlov wedding photographer

Pictured above: Jana & her bridesmaid strike a pose during her wedding day at the castle in Cesky Krumlov.

Naturally wherever these beautiful ladies went they were the center of attention as Jana simply radiated happiness and her beautiful brides maids were all giggles during their very quick and beautiful bridal portrait. Not wanting the usual line them up and stand there pose we just went for something a bit more laid back and fun – as it simply suited their style and taste. Obviously Jana was the most beautiful bride in Cesky Krumlov that day and lots of people and aspiring wedding photographers were following us around taking snaps.

One of the coolest things about Jana & John, just how laid back and fun they were. They were always having a laugh so much so it was a joy photographing their wedding.

Their wedding day started off beautifully but then it poured down rain. In fact, it was almost like a flood at times and yet these two could not stop laughing and having a great time.

As we were running out of time I asked them if they wanted to step outside in the rain for one last final portrait at the castle and they were like 'hell yeah - lets go'. Standing outside in the rain under one of the most beautiful Baroque towers in Europe my trusty (and drenched assistant) stood behind them and we took a few snaps. And then these two dropped their umbrella and this is the result. Oh, and we have more variations (looking at me, laughing, more laughing). The truth is - when you have a very cool, very sweet couple who are simply game for everything and most importantly are having a great time - images like this should be the norm. Did we get wet, oh yeah, but was it worth it? Definitely. One of my all time favorite wedding photos from Cesky Krumlov - also appearing on other photographers (thieves) websites too...

And for those photographers who are wondering how I pulled this off: expose for the ambiance (to make sure you can see that gorgeous tower) set up one flash behind them (aim the flash at them) have a fill light in front (just a wee bit) and then expose to freeze the rain.

Location: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.