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Rebecca & Frank (China) relaxed & fun styled pre wedding photo shoot plus a surprise marriage proposal in Prague to make it 'official!'

Frank sold Rebecca on having a very last minute pre-wedding photos shoot / engagement session in Prague. Little did Rebecca know that Frank being the romantic that he is - was going to make it official and live stream it back to family & friends back in Shanghai. What originally was sold as a pre-wedding photo session quickly morphed in to a wonderful marriage proposal on the world famous Charles Bridge between two very fun people.

destination pre wedding photography Prague with R&F
Prague Castle Lovers at night overlooking city below
destination pre wedding photos at Prague Castle
destination pre wedding at Prague Castle
destination pre wedding photo captured at Prague Castle
RF Prague pre-wedding + surprise marriage proposal 14
R+F photographed at Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral
sexy couple portraits captured at St. Vitus Prague
destination pre wedding photos at Prague Castle

A pre wedding photo shoot & a surprise marriage proposal in Prague featuring Rebecca & Frank (China)

Our latest couple Rebecca and Frank hail from Shanghai, China and like many couples from there - they like to describe themselves as cool, fun, hip & successful. And they truly are...

Rebecca & Frank were doing the usual: racing around Europe, visiting all of the cool cities on the ultimate road trip. And yes, they were also very knowledgeable as Rebecca herself said, 'Paris is over!' They wanted a cool, relaxed and natural styled pre wedding and where did they wish to have it? Prague! Prag! Praga!

Unbeknownst to the super sexy (as she said, 'the hottest girl in the room' - when we met and she was pretty much right) Rebecca, the suave Frank had a surprise engagement ring to make it (old school) official – and of course it was to be live streamed to family & friends in Shanghai.

Being successful, hip, busy people - Rebecca & Frank also had a bit of a dilemma; they waited to nearly the last minute to book their trip, their outfits and especially their session. Originally they were thinking of flying us to some mountain in the alps (yeah, not exactly Iceland, I know a bummer as I will never get paid to go to Iceland or some crazy snow covered mountain...) and they also needed everything edited, & beautifully and artistically retouched. Oh, and the files sent within two weeks! Unluckily (or luckily) for me, the Alps did not work out, but that is ok, as we simply rocked their session in Prague - a city I can photograph with my eyes closed...does that sound... terrible, dodgy even...? No, the truth is: I absolutely love this city and its brilliant architecture, early morning sunrises and fried cheese. But the truth is: I would really welcome different locations... like a junk yard, or a field, or maybe...?

The other issue, the timeline was critical in that we had people waiting to see Frank's live performance and I could not be late.

So... What follows here, is a funny, yet brilliantly wonderful autumn morning (minus the sun…sometimes we do have bad luck with the weather here), with two outfits (that red dress is especially amazing) and a surprise that caught Rebecca totally off guard. And the bonus, family & friends were able to share in that truly wonderful and surprisingly funny moment captured here for eternity. It was a laugh...

As a photographer, I have always pushed myself to create those killer / award-winning moments. But the truth is sometimes the most beautiful & simple moments is that of a beautiful bride-to-be beaming with joy showing her family & friends her surprise engagement ring - captured on an unforgettable morning - in Prague.

Yeah, Prague is pretty great!

Photo shoot locations:

Prague Castle, St. Vitus, Castle Steps, Charles Bridge, Nove Mesto, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Mala Strana, Riverside and the finale at the Charles Bridge

Hair & Makeup by the very sweet Linda Chudmilova

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