London overseas pre-weddings photographer KS
Prague wedding & pre-wedding photos photographer Kurt Vinion

London overseas pre-weddings photographer KS

If you have to ask me which wedding was the highlight of 2015 I must be honest and say: Sherry & Ken’s wedding at the Syon House in London. First, they were one of my favorite couples from a few years back who had a pre wedding session in Prague.  We had not only an amazing time on their session, but we stayed in touch over the years and became great friends. I was quite honestly surprised when Ken contacted me and explained that after Sherry had reviewed many wedding portfolios she had decided that she wanted myself and my team for their London wedding. And who am I to say no to such a wonderful couple.  So with the crew consisting of Cary & Kari (our amazing summer intern from Seattle) and I, we traveled to London for a truly elegant and unforgettable wedding with our old friends.

This is one of the many incredible images that we captured during their evening 'pre-weddings' portrait session with Sherry in that amazing pink dress - captured in front of St. Paul's