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Prague wedding photographer & pre-weddings photography regularly covering Venice I Rome I Europe I Hong Kong

Greetings, my name is Kurt Vinion, I am an American photographer (educated in Germany and the US) living in Prague who focuses on creating modern weddings and pre-weddings portrait sessions for discerning clients from around the world. I have worked as a photographer since the age of 16, I am very lucky for being able to do this and for so long.

The reality is anyone can take a picture, but to truly capture the real spirit, feeling and emotions of one's wedding day takes a keen eye, experience and devotion to craft and when you get the right results - those moments are priceless.

My approach

To document your wedding day as it unfolds - naturally, honestly and creatively, while focusing on capturing those real moments shared between the two of you and the joining of your families. Though, I am quite keen on creating something a bit more unique than the typical 'wedding photograph' and as such I am well renowned in Prague for very creative stunning night time / romantic portraits of our wonderful couples.  Additionally as a wedding photographer in Prague,  I have photographed 5 professional wedding photographers from not only the US, but Ireland and the UK so I must be doing something right...

Prague pre-weddings & Lifestyle Portraits & Engagement Session photography

For our pre-wedding couples (and our many couples from Asia who hire me for their pre wedding photo session here in Prague and around the world ) who wish to have some creative and very stylized portraits  - I can certainly do that and preferably in an intimate atmosphere where you two can simply relax and enjoy the creative process while exploring this incredible city and at your pace. Creating dynamic, elegant, unforgettable SIGNATURE ART PORTRAITS for our couples is something I very much welcome. These portraits are a fusion of styles artistically created and for some couples with a unique theme. For our American couples who wish to have a less staged approach to their photo sessions in Prague I would be quite keen on creating something quite unique that has a bit more flare - after all it is your session and you only get one chance to get it right.

My wedding style of photography

Though wedding styles and fads change I do prefer a clean, clear, bright look where you look flawless. I am also very keen on capturing the right light wether it is artificial or preferably sunlight or even both. I am truly not keen on these dark, moody types of images (there are a few in my portfolio as my clients wish to have some) as I really do not feel that it evokes a timeless, elegant look when everything is so dark and moody and simply looks badly captured. Though one thing I have learned is to never say never - to a client.

In terms of the actual wedding day photography - I do prefer to document your wedding day as it unfold naturally, while focusing on capturing real moments, artistically and creatively captured as opposed to art directing ones wedding day. And no worries, when it comes to those very important portraits I will be quite happy to ensure you look flawless and can even insist on a few poses and the right locations and body posing to make you look fantastic.

My Goal 

To make you look more gorgeous than you already are. So no stress, no worries, just beautiful timeless and elegant images that will blow your families & friends minds (without blowing your budget).  

My background

Professionally I have worked as a photojournalist with The New York TimesThe Boston GlobeMother Jones, Spectrum Pictures and many magazines worldwide. I have covered assignments in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and many countries in between... 

Additionally, I have spent 3-years photographing celebrities in Berlin for Getty Images and Wire Images.  Some of the 'celebrities' were interesting and those Berlin parties were fantastic.  But to be honest, photographing celebrities is quite tedious and sadly there is very little creativity as celebrity imagery are so controlled by the managers, studios and even the magazines. 

Before moving to Europe to be a photojournalist, I was a very young, Director of Photography at The University of Louisville Athletic Dept where we covered all of the university athletic teams and literally traveled all over the US and even to a basketball tournament in Hawaii.

I was also the event & personal photographer for  Muhammad Ali and his foundation.  I feel honored to have spent time with Muhammad and meeting many of the greats of boxing. Being from Louisville definitely has its perks (a big shout out to Tom Cruise - we had a great laugh about his short time growing up in Louisville).

I majored in Photojournalism / Fine Art at WKU one of America's top photojournalism programs well renowned for producing the very best photojournalists in the world.

Contests & Awards 

Occasionally I am asked (mainly by other photographers) about awards – the truth is, I do not enter contests anymore. Nothing against them or the many pay-to-join - photography associations / contests. Truth is  everyone is now an 'international award-winning, cutting edge, super duper awesome photographer'

Yet, as a photojournalist -  I have won some of the biggest prizes in photojournalism including two 1 st Places in The Best of Photojournalism as well as a hand full of Czech Press Photos, as well as a very highly coveted (for me personally) Sports Photographer of the Year award. 

And the biggest prize/award  I have ever received: being told by a lovely lady who runs an orphanage in Kiev that my reportage was the reason why Americans were visiting her and adopting children from her orphanage. There is absolutely no award that can ever top that.  Knowing that my work was able to make a difference in these children's lives is simply priceless and it humbles me to this day.  

Prague Wedding Photographers 

As I am based in Prague I have photographed weddings at nearly every venue as well as many castles and chateaus located throughout the Czech Republic. Additionally, I have photographed several high profile Czech weddings (a Champions League Football player), a member of the Getty (Oil, Museum, Getty Images) family for their incredible wedding in Rome as well as a member of the Karzai family (President of Afghanistan) also in Italy as well as VIP's from Asia and 3 different  members on the Forbes 100 richest person list. I am truly humbled at some of these unbelievable weddings. Truth be told, the larger more prestigious the family or members the more work, stress and actual less quality time spent with the couple. I can honestly say that the most unforgettable weddings are the ones where I can spend quality time with the couples and really capture them intimately and quietly - something that is not possible at a 250 + person event.  

Destination wedding photographers

The best thing about being a wedding & portrait photographer based in Prague is that it is a relatively easy place to travel from and as such I have been lucky enough to have captured destination weddings around Europe. Locations I have regularly work in are: Ireland, N.Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Greece and even a wedding in Hong Kong at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel. If you are interested in having me as your destination wedding photographer please do not hesitate to contact me as I would enjoy hearing more about your wedding day or even pre weddings photo shoot.

Wedding Planners in Prague / Prague Wedding Planning Agencies

Choosing your Prague wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. As such it should be your decision on whom you wish to capture the most important day of your life. Leaving it up to a 3rd party (wedding planners) whose only concern is their bottom line is never wise. Especially when it is a known problem that many Prague wedding planners demand anywhere from 15 - 30% 'commission' to be a part of their team. As an honest, principled American and a former journalist - I simply can not allow myself to be taken advantage of and refuse to work with those agencies.  As such when you hire me directly, you can rest assurred that I am working on your best interest and will do everything to ensure that you have the most beautiful wedding photography possible. Additionally, as i have been photographing weddings here since 2008 I would be quite happy to assist you in looking over your timeline and pointing you to wonderful & professional vendors (hair & makeup, florists and etc) who can provide you with incredible services without you paying the wedding planners mark up.   

For those couples who are planning on marrying in Prague and are curious about the best wedding planning agencies in Prague, I would be quite happy to recommend the best ones to you based on my personal experiences.

So how do you know if you have chosen the best wedding photographer in Prague for you?

As a bride & groom you should meet your photographer in person (and if that is not possible Skype is a wonderful alternative) to evaluate their professionalism, their ability to understand your needs, and more importantly - how well you hit it off. Taking the time to read reviews, view complete galleries of their work (and not just the portfolio pieces) and if needed - hire them for an engagement session to gauge how they work with you as a couple are also worthy ideas. The truth is quality photography is an investment and you should take the time to research who is best for you. If you chose Kurt Vinion as your wedding photographer; rest assured that I will provide only the highest standard on your behalf. 

Our Clients Privacy

If you do not wish to have your images in the public domain - I of all people can understand and respect this and there is a clause in the contract that you can opt out of. So no worries your wedding day is just that your wedding and not a portfolio building experience.

Photographer Reviews

Many couples find me through Google, word of mouth, referrals as well as from several wedding planning agencies located in Asia, Japan, Korea, as well as in Italy and France.

Pre-wedding photographers I Prague I Venice I Rome I Florence  I Europe I pre wedding photos

As an American photographer who has been covering pre wedding portrait sessions since 2008, I am very happy to cover your pre wedding photo session in not only Prague but in many of Europe's best locations.  I have a wonderful team of lighting assistants, hair & makeup, videographers as well as personal assistants who can capture your special session anywhere around the world. Wether you wish to have a more reportage natural light style, or a more magazine, lit portrait or even a combination of many styles we are here for you. Contact us today for our special dates where we will be crafting these special sessions around Europe. 

Additionally, for the year 2018 we will be focusing on creating more specialty themed pre wedding photo sessions for our very discerning VIP clients who are looking for something a bit more special.