Lilly & Gill: Vrtba Garden

A dream wedding at a Baroque Garden in Prague: The Vrtba Garden.

When I first met Gill I knew right away that he was a great guy who was planning a very special wedding day. He had moved to Prague to build a new life for himself and his family. Though Prague has been good to him, he has also undergone several family tragedies. But then Gill met Lilly, whose smoldering eyes and beautiful smile can warm the heart of any man. They decided to marry and begin a new chapter in their lives.

The Vrtba Garden

Without a doubt The Vrtba Garden is one of Prague’s most visually beautiful locations to marry in. The Sala Terrena where its famous historic frescoes looking down always leaves a lasting impression. That is before people explore the upper levels with its incredible views over the red roofs of Prague’s historic Mala Strana.

After the ceremony they celebrated with family & friends with lots of hugs and champagne. As these two love being photographed we headed towards the top of the garden – which on this day was teeming with tourists from all around the world. The always impressive view from atop is well worth the visit and thankfully we had a few moments to capture them enjoying the view before the next wave of tourists charged up to take in the views.

With the group photos and many family photos completed we headed off to give these two some time to themselves for their very important portrait session. With the aid of an ‘old timer’ car we headed to one of my favorite places that overlooks the city down below. Normally it is an oasis of calm but on this day it was also teaming with tourists who all wanted to sit on the single bench that commanded the best view of the castle and valley down below. Unemcumbered we set up our lights to create some very beautiful & intimate portraits of these two.

As our time was a bit short it was time to head to the wedding reception & dinner at the Hotel International where a dj and a buffet awaited.

Dinner & Party

If you have never experienced the full on effect of a Bollywood DJ you are truly missing out. On this particular night the DJ threw down some serious beats and volume. When everyone is having a good time the images just make themselves. With nearly every family member and guest taking to the dance floor – it was full of energy, lots of smiles and happiness. For those who were lucky to be here – this was an evening that would be hard to forget.

Though this is a very short collection of the many images captured on that wonderful day here in Prague. I like to think it beautifully captures the emotions and mood that they and their wonderful family & friends experienced.

Not to be outdone, these two dressed up again – this time in Sikh ceremonial attire to have their 2nd wedding at the Sikh Temple in Dresden. That wedding will be blogged a bit later.

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By Kurt Vinion

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