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We capture a lot of marriage proposals here and though many of our couples do not wish to share such an intimate moment every now and then we have a wonderful couple who does not mind. Marcy & Shane are just one such couple. Young, successful, and a hard working Dr & a nurse living in Houston.  Shane definitely wanted to plan something quite romantic and special for Marcy. And he did. With musical accompaniment with the lovely Anita at pre-dawn it was one  of those magical unforgettable moments that we photographers truly enjoy capturing.

What follows is a very special marriage proposal in Prague with a selection of their favorite images captured at dawn on the world famous Charles Bridge. A picture perfect start to a new chapter in their lives.

To Marcy & Shane we wish both of you much love, happiness and success in your new lives together as husband and wife.


Prague Locations:  Charles Bridge, Old Town Square

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Just like fashion photography styles come and go. There has been a recent trend (that is already fading) of simply putting every couple dead center in the frame, shooting horizontally with very shallow depth of field (35mm or 50mm at 1.2) and have them cuddle up (like the are freezing) and let us not forget to underexpose so that there are no details really in their faces and everything looks dark & gloomy…or as most now do – slap on a VSCO filter in Lightroom… Truth be told that particular style looks great but what about the other images from that session? Do you really wish to have 20, 30, 40 images of the same thing?

One of the latest trends that has really caught on is simply capturing two people in an unobtrusive style – one where the shots look like ‘grab shots’. Some call it lifestyle portraits while others call it fashion photography or fashion catalog. When done well the reality of this particular style lies somewhere in between documentary photography and classic portraiture. A documentary photographer will have the ‘fly on the wall’ approach, catching life as it happens without trying to interfere – which is the look this style is really striving for. While the classical portraiture photographer is concerned (or obsessed like the old timers) about what is in the frame, the light (and type of light) the clothes and of course he or she will be very concerned about the subjects body position, the angle of their head(s) or how their hands are placed (which is actually something that drives me up the wall)…

My own lifestyle photography sessions (not that I am arrogant enough to say what the actual definition of it truly is) is a mixture of the authentic and staged. Though I am keen on shooting what actually happens in real life the reality is I would never be able to capture such a diversity of images  unless I was there to direct as well as use light in a way that is flattering. Most sessions are 2-4 hours and as such you have to take a bit of control. Just like in classical (or traditional) portraiture, I am still choosing to control a few things (such as the lighting) or at times placing the couple to maximize the beauty of the location (or decreasing the amount of background ‘noise’ such as people and cars) and placing their bodies in a way to make them look better overall (thinner, taller, sexier…).

When one of our latest couples, the successful Amanda & Derrick (who live in sunny California) contacted us she mentioned she was keen on a certain blogger: @wendyslookbook.  As Amanda wrote ‘she is a fashion Instagram person but she has a lot of photos with her boyfriend that I admire. I love that she uses a lot of beautiful architecture as her background for photos.‘  What I enjoyed about this work is how clean the images were (no people or distracting objects) and how the colors of the outfits truly stood out (which is what she is pushing). The photography is beautifully executed (considering there is very little or not artificial lights) and is something you would expect with a successful Instagram blogger (1.2M followers) who is successfully making a profession out of it.

With Amanda and Derrick the idea was roughly the same, capture them in a way that looks unobtrusive & natural and use their choice of the Charles Bridge as the starting point. Our shooting was mostly before dawn (lighting assistant definitely required) and instead of colorful outfits they wore black or dark tones – against a black or dark sky…  And lastly, instead of having many single portraits we have two stylish & hip people experiencing the goth & dark atmosphere of Prague. Funny enough I have met with two fashion bloggers (as well as photographed a lovely couple from Malaysia) who are wishing for this same style of shooting for their ‘brand’ so I think we will be seeing more sessions quite like this and soon.

A special thanks to Amanda & Derrick for allowing me to share some of their favorite images from their Prague session.












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  • - Hi, I would like to ask the pricing for Prague pre-wedding package for The Golden Collection and The Platinum Collection.
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The destination wedding of Nicole + Drew who traveled over from the USA for their beautiful wedding at Vrtba Garden / Vrtbovska Zahrada.

Where to start with these two…?

Besides being, young hip, fun loving Americans from the midwest who enjoy traveling and the finer things in life;  Nicole is also a  wedding & portrait photographer making this the 5th wedding photographers wedding I have photographed.  While Drew – like myself and most  of us guys  – was not a big fan of being photographed. But as this was Nicole’s wedding day that did not stop Drew from cutting loose and having some fun later on. One of their reasons for not having a large wedding back in the US was due to them simply wanting to have their wedding day in their own way and in a city that they both love. Prague is certainly that kind of city with its enchanting & historic architecture and laid back vibes.

On the day of we met them (I say we as my trusty lighting tech was with me) at the truly special Alchymist Nosticova a true luxury boutique hotel that additionally provides a wonderful venue for couples getting prepped on their wedding day. The atmosphere is distinctively Old Europe and those orange & red shades certainly make for a striking color palette.

After a few photos of Nicole getting prepared as well as a few wonderful moments shared with the proud mothers it was time to travel to the wonderful Vrtbvoska Zahrada / Vrtba Garden – one of the gems of Prague where Drew was patiently awaiting the start of their wedding ceremony.

You could not have asked for better weather  as the Nicole was escorted through the colorful manicured gardens.

After their ceremony underneath the famous frescoes and the exchanging of their vows and rings, these two and their families explored the garden  with the spectacular panoramic view that inspires so many to keep coming back. After a few fun group shots with family & friends, we took leave of them and spent several hours exploring the gardens at Prague Castle.

We caught up with their family & friends for a small reception and dinner at the wonderful Aria Hotel which offers breathtaking views of the city below and especially the castle above. All in all a very stunning and beautiful day for these two.

To Nicole & Drew, congratulations again! We wish you much love, happiness and future success in your new lives together as husband and wife.

Wedding Planning: Royal Wedding  Hair & Makeup: Lucie Pruzkova   Preparation hotel:  Alchymist Nosticova  Wedding Venue: Vrtba Garden

Portrait Session Locations: Vrtba Garden & Prague Castle

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