Penar & Cem: sunrise love story

For these two busy doctors who live in Istanbul, traveling to Prague to marry was a dream come true. When they contacted me about their wedding at the Turkish Embassy they were a bit concerned: there were so many tourists in Prague - in fact too many for…

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Zoe & Billy: pre dawn session

Zoe & Billy during their Prague pre wedding pre sunrise portrait session. A cinematic inspired portrait of our gorgeous as they experience the beauty of Prague.

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Sherri & Matt: post wedding

Looking for inspiration for your pre dawn post wedding session in Prague? Look no further than our latest very sexy couple: Sherri & Matt (USA). When you are photographing one of America's top wedding photographers for her post wedding portrait session you better bring your A Game! Sherri…

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K&C: pre sunrise portraits

Interested in seeing how couples experience a romantic pre sunrise portraits session in Prague? Look no further than this sexy Indonesian couple who were passing through Prague during a whirlwind tour of Europe and decided 'why not have a session?' After meeting up over coffee and sharing many…

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Regina & Peissu: pre wedding

Regina & Peissu's natural style pre wedding in historic Prague Many couples are eschewing the traditional posed pre wedding for ones that focuses on capturing real moments - artistically and creatively. But there is a caveat; capturing real, heartfelt moments takes a bit more effort, dedication and attention…

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Liz & Danny: sunrise engagement

Liz & Danny: sunrise engagement
A sunrise engagement portrait session with Liz & Danny photographed at the Charles Bridge, The Old Town Square and the riverside. Prague photography by Kurt Vinion

Liz & Danny gorgeous sunrise engagement portrait session in Prague captured on the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock and riverside. It all started at McMaster University, where these two were completing their Bachelors of Commerce. Liz noticed Danny on the bus to school and Danny…

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Wendy & Jack: Golden Light

A Golden Light Portrait session in Prague starting at pre dawn If you are going to invest thousands of Euro's in your pre-wedding session in Prague there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First - what kind of session do you wish to have? Do…

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Wendy & Nick: anniversary session

How does one celebrate 5-years of being married? Some people opt for a romantic dinner or maybe flowers. For Wendy & Nick it was simple - fly back to Prague and have a special anniversary session with their Prague wedding photographer. It truly is hard to believe that…

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Anna & Sergio: Castle Hluboka

From Russia with Love: a Castle Hluboka luxury wedding in the Czech Republic! This is one of those unforgettable weddings: full of wonderful emotions, many tears, lots of laughter and a long evening of dancing and partying... Anna & Sergio traveled down from Russia to have their very…

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Andrea & Michal: luxury wedding in Prague

Church of St. Margaret Prague wedding Photos and wedding celebrations captured at the Chateau Mcely outside of Prague. I was extremely honored to be Andrea & Michal's wedding photographer for their intimate luxury wedding here in Prague. Their wedding was extra special in that the couple had worked…

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