A sunrise engagement photo session in Prague with Christie & Michael (USA)

Not only is Prague one of the most visited places in Europe it is also one of the most romantic. With it being in the top 10 places to visit, it is packed with people in the summer months which can be very frustrating for couples who wish to have a peaceful, intimate engagement session. Truth is, if you do mind having many people in your photos (and of course the photo bombing) you really need to consider having a very early sunrise session.

Why a sunrise session? Well lets face it, if you have not been to Prague – especially along the bridge, the riverside or even on the Charles Bridge – you are really missing out on something. Literally at sunset the entire river downtown is ringed with tourists with their phones, cameras and tablets all trying to get a picture of the sunset. And forget about creating beautiful, intimate images on the Charles Bridge as it is so packed with people you can at times barely move. The days where we could creates sunset and night time portraits on the Charles Bridge are over. Sad but true. This is why the only way to truly experience the beauty of this city (and nearly every tourists city in Europe) is to get up very, very early. May of our Asian pre-wedding sessions start at 4 am now as they want the romance of the city but with no people…

Christie & Micheal are one of our couples who braved the early morning wake up to have their pre sunrise session. They came over from the US for their European vacation and they liked the idea of starting at Prague  Castle where you can watch the sunrise breaking above the City of 100 Spires and so on a cool summer morning as the sky flared above us we met for the first time and immediately hit it off. After a few moments of getting to know each other better  it was time to take our journey. The idea, just walking around and enjoying yourself in a natural laid back way. Some couples wish to have some posed images while others are more interested in being naturally photographed – truth is, it is up to each couple as it is their session.

As Christie & Michael made their way down the steps you can tell that they loved the peace and quiet and having one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as their backdrop made it all the more exciting and yes, romantic. When we did arrive to the Charles Bridge the other end was already filling up with couples and many photographers but on our end it was still very peaceful and quiet and that is where some of their favorite images were captured. Truth is you can spend several hours on the Charles Bridge as it offers so much or you can try to explore more places but these two were very happy with the very laid back pace and wanted to really take it all in.

People often ask, how long should our session take, when should we start and how do we get around? Truth is, you can devote as much time as you wish (90 minutes, 3 hours and even 6 hours), but if you are looking for something truly magical, without feeling rushed and without having people interrupt those wonderful moments – having a sunrise session is one of the most unforgettable moments you will have.  You can also enjoy the most creative and artistic time which we lovingly call the Golden Light Hour (my personal fave) and then top it all off at a garden or a different location as time allows. And yes, we walk, it is the only way to enjoy this city, to explore its cobblestone alleys, or spend an hour  on one of the most famous bridges in the world. Truth is, these sessions are designed to move you, impress you and blow you away.

Creating these beautiful sessions that will be looked upon many years later  is one of the reasons why I gave up photojournalism. Hearing the wonderful feedback from clients and how much they love these sessions is a nice bonus too.

Pictured here are Christie & Michael’s favorite images from that morning where the world seemingly stopped and allowed them to be the center of it all.

Prague engagement photographer

romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

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American photographer Kurt Vinion has been providing the very best in couple photography in Prague since 2008. Widely experience and well known for his creative & artistic use of light he can create beautiful, intimate and authentic images that will blow away your family & friends and will be enjoyed for a lifetime. Kurt does not just take a picture he captures beautiful moments that will be cherished. Our Natural Light Lifestyle Engagement Sessions  (pictured above) start out at a cool 5000 CZK.

Kurt Vinion

Prague wedding photographer and pre-wedding photographer Kurt Vinion (USA) has been capturing and creating weddings, family portraits & engagement sessions in Prague since 2008. A former photojournalist and winner of many international awards and prizes, Kurt is always happy to create timeless, elegant and artistic images for couples from around the world.

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