K&C: pre sunrise portraits

Interested in seeing how couples experience a romantic pre sunrise portraits session in Prague? Look no further than this sexy Indonesian couple who were passing through Prague during a whirlwind tour of Europe and decided ‘why not have a session?’ After meeting up over coffee and sharing many laughs, it was decided that a pre… Continue reading K&C: pre sunrise portraits

L&T: marriage proposal

While ‘L’  was on her European vacation with her best friend,  her boyfriend ‘T’ decided to secretly fly to Prague and surprise her with a marriage proposal.  ‘T’ being the kind of guy that he is really wanted to make it very special.  After several email exchanges of ideas, locations and logistics  –  we had… Continue reading L&T: marriage proposal

Cynthia & Matt: marriage proposal

Matt sold Cynthia on the idea of having a lifestyle session, but in reality it was to be a completely different kind of session: a surprise marriage proposal at the riverside in Prague. Sometimes life throws you something totally unexpected. These two globetrotters met the previous summer on one of those hot, humid nights where… Continue reading Cynthia & Matt: marriage proposal

A romantic marriage proposal at Prague Castle

Dillon’s friends knew that once he met Celeste it would be game over. They were so confident that when they were finally introduced at a party he was literally taken back. He was that smitten by her. She was also quite in to him as well. Fast forward a few years and it was time… Continue reading A romantic marriage proposal at Prague Castle

{pre wedding photo Prague} our latest couple from Shanghai China R&F

  Our latest couple Rebecca and Frank hail from Shanghai, decided to have a photo session in Prague after traveling around Europe. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, Frank also had a surprise engagement ring – and what followed was a wedding proposal that was live streamed to the world. Rebecca & Frank also had a bit of a dilemma, they waited… Continue reading {pre wedding photo Prague} our latest couple from Shanghai China R&F